I'm Kathy Groom, chief editor at Groom Development.

I enhance content for businesses. I also help authors get their books ready to publish.

No matter how easy it may be these days to plop words onto a digital page, developing superior content is still hard. Where do you start? What words do you choose? And after all that effort, how do you know if your writing even communicates what you are trying to say?

That’s where I come in.

I evaluate. I create. I fix. I improve. I’m the honest expert you want to have take a look at your writing before you ship it out to that prime prospect.

Clients from around the world trust me to improve—and complete—their written content. I’ve collaborated on articles, content marketing, VC reports, as well as dozens of published books, in genres from memoir to business and leadership training.

As an English language professional, I also serve international clients who need an English expert to review their content after translation. The global business market expects reports and promotional resources that are clear, on target, and error free, all of which require valuable time and expertise to develop.

By blending the nitty-gritties of editing with the insight of content consulting I offer a specialized kind of editing. While consulting with my clients, I help them sort through ideas, identify a theme and organize it all into an overall structure. That’s my specialty!

I dive in to discover the full meaning and purpose of each project—website, article, content marketing, book—and then make sure every document conveys the message the author intended. And of course, that includes clean grammar and sharp writing.

As a collaborative writer, I assist many clients in the arduous writing process as well. For projects requiring extra hands, I partner with valued colleagues on the Groom Development team.

For the time being, my husband and I live in Shanghai, China, so my free time is spent exploring this amazing Middle Kingdom. Back home I love mountain hikes in the nearby Rocky Mountains and long coffee times with my writer friends whom I endearingly refer to as The Wonderfuls. Our house in the USA is near Denver, Colorado, on a hill nicknamed Groom Acres.


With a range of editing, I work alongside clients from the first glimmer of an idea to the final, polished product.
A comprehensive edit all in one place.

Editorial Strategy/
Content Consulting

I help clients—business, nonprofit, personal—determine what to include in their writing, as well as what to leave out. Together we evaluate what is essential to the purpose of each project. I advise clients in developing content that promotes the desired response by their readers.

by English Language Professional

After translation, many documents still contain multiple mistakes. I localize the translations, ensuring the English version accurately and effectively communicates the authors’ original intention.

Collaborative Writing

Many clients hire me to help them write their masterpiece. With a commitment to maintain each client’s voice and message, I create alongside the author, offering suggestions and professional writing to bring each project to completion.

Developmental Editing

After reviewing each project I receive—which arrive at my doorstep at various stages of development—I provide an in-depth analysis of the content and the writing, along with a customized plan for completing the project. Some clients prefer I do the remaining tweaking while others follow my professional guidance and do the rewriting themselves.

Copy editing

After the heavy lifting of consulting and developmental editing is complete, I comb through every project to fix mechanical errors and finesse grammar, preparing the documents to go to the publisher.

Past Projects


  • Website Content
  • Marketing Materials
  • Articles and Blogs
  • White Papers
  • Venture Capital and Annual Reports
  • HR Manuals

Full-length books

  • Non-fiction Books
  • Memoirs
  • Legacy Books

Published Books

"Countless people dream of writing a book someday. I help clients hold that dream in their hands." - Kathy Groom

When the Sharks Come by Ray Pittman
When the Sharks Come by Ray Pittman (2017)


Memoirs of an African Woman on a Mission by Oley Dibba-Wadda (2017)


Alchemy of the Afterlife by Linda Kinnamon, RN (2016)

First place memoir 2016 CIPA EVVY Award


Getting into Leadership Shape: With 15 Exercises to Strengthen your Character and Competence by Ed Beard and Janet McCracken (2016)


Finding Faith in the Field by Benjamin Hylden (2014)

Readers International Favorite Awards 2016 Honorable Mention


Invisible Lines by Joe Nu’u (2014)


Cowboy Troubadour: Poems and Stories by Richard McQueary (2014)


A Long Row Through Life by James H. Arthur, M.D. with Mary Beth Lagerborg (2017)



"Writing is an art, but so is editing. Editing requires the creativity and vision of a writer, but with the observation skills of a scientist. Kathy Groom possesses these qualities necessary in a good editor. What makes her a great editor is her ability to guide the writer through changes in a way that encourages and bolsters confidence, rather than just pointing out errors in red. I learned a great deal from Kathy as we worked on my memoir, and look forward to working with her on my next project."

Linda Kinnamon, RN
Author of Alchemy of the Afterlife: A Memoir (Flatiron Press, 2015, First Place CIPA EVVY Awards, Memoir, 2016)

"As an international leading institute for visual computing, perfect translations of our articles, reports and our website are vital to us. Kathy Groom absolutely excels in editing our English texts. During translations from German to English, sentences often change their meaning or lose the brilliance that lies in the original wording. Kathy brings back both heart and soul to our writings and we couldn’t thank her enough!"

Anahit Roth
Fraunhofer Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung/
Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research, Darmstadt, Germany


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